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oxygen index tester

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This Test method describes a procedure for measuring the minimum concentration of oxygen in a flowing mixture of oxygen and nitrogen that will just support flaming combustion, Test applicable for wide Range of material such as Polymers, Cables, Textiles, Rubber etc.

Supplied as per requirement, to carry out tests at ambient and at high temp. For oxygen and nitrogen measurement in addition to Rota meter direct oxygen percentage can be indicated digitally in the oxygen and Nitrogen mixture an oxygen meter.

For tests at high temp. a Heater, Temp. Controller and Sensor is provided.


Density of smoke from the burning or Decomposition of plastics (As par ASTM D-2843) This test method describe the measuring and observing the relative amounts of smoke obscuration produced by the burning or decomposition of plastics. It is intended to be used for measuring the smoke producing characteristics of plastic under controlled conditions of combustion or decomposition. The measurements are made interns of the loss of light transmission through a collected volume of smoke produced under controlled, standardized conditions.

Digital Electronic photometer with a 0 to 100%Absorbence scale.

Electronic Timer, voltmeter and temp. indicator.


HALOGEN ACID GAS EMISSION TEST As per IEC 754-1 & 2, IS 10810 (Part 59)

To determine the amount of halogen acid gas evolved during combustion of compound based on halogenated polymers & compounds containing halogenated additives, taken from cable insulation and outer sheath.

1.Tube Furnace
2.Electronic digital temp. Indicator K controller up to 10000c
3.Quartz Tube
4.Thermo couple
5.Flow meter
6.Complete set to Glassware’s
7.Quartz boat
8.Conductivity Meter
9.Ph Meter


AIR CIRCULATING AGEING OVEN as per IS 10810 Part 10 & 11

a) Air Oven of size 450x 450x 450mm is generally used to find out the loss of mass of the polymeric material kept inside the oven for a certain period of time at a temp. of 200 degree centigrade.( As per IS 10810 part 10) Max. Temp. 250 degree centigrade

b) For Part 11 preferably a multicell ageing oven is used having different cells of size 100mm Dia. And 300mm Length with a provision to replace air for 8 to 20 times per hour. Each cell will have individual temp. control, Hour meter, PT 100 Sensor and provision to hang the samples.Each cell can be maintained at different temp. Max. temp. 200 degree centigrade.



The instrument has an alumiium block maintained at a temp. of 200 degree centigrade and polymeric sample is kept in a test tube is heated for a certain sspecified time. The smple is then evaluated for its thermal properties.


It is an oven with an arrangement to hang the dumbbell shaped sample inside the oven with a set of weights which can be hanged at one end of the sample. Pointers are provided on the gauge marks on the sample and elongation of gauge length in 20 minutes is measured with the help of a scale fixed inside the oven just near to the sample. In side of the oven is provide with a bulb to view the sample from the front glass door. Max. Temp. 200 degree centigrade.size of 400x 380x 200mm


Accessories for carrying out heat shock test as per IS 10810 PART 14 AND Hot deformation test as part 15. Both these tests are carried out inside an air circulating oven.

Heat shock test The test is performed to find out cracking of thermoplastic insulation and sheath of cables on overheating. The test specifies the heat treatment given to the thermoplastic insulation and sheath at accelerated temperature and duration to ascertain the withstand ability at that condition. It is only a visual examination. The specimen is wound over a smooth round shaped mandrel for three turns in a close helix and then the mandrel is kept in an oven at a specified temp. and for the duration specified. At the end of this period the samples are cooled in air for one hour .The test specimen is then examined for any cracks visible to naked eye.

Hot Deformation Test The thermoplastic compound tends to soften when maintained at high temperatures. If thay are subjected to mechanical pressure, the physical dimension change take place .The specimen is kept in an oven with an arrangement to exert pressure on the test specimen. The oven is maintained at the required temp. The duration of the test is as per the specifications mentioned by the user. Immediately after cooling, the indetation on the sample is measured with the help of graduated microscope or with graduated magnifying glass. The thickness retained at the point of impression expressed as a percentage of the initial thickness denotes the degree of resistance of the material to hot deformation. 


UTM for testing the tensile properties of copper and Aluminium conductors as per IS 10810 Part- 2 and also for cable sheath compound as per IS 10810 Part 7

Flame Retardant Test

IEC 60332 part I , IS 10810 (part 53 )

It is important to use a cable which retards flame in case of a fire and is self extinguishing 
when the source of fire is removed


1. Test chamber of 300 (W) X 450 (D) X 1200 (H) mm size with front opening.
2. Gas burner specified in the above std.
3. Stop watch & Scale 


Swedish chimney

As per S.S. 424-14-75 class F 3, IS 10810 (part 61 )

The test eqnipment shall consist of a vertical steel tube having a wall thickens of 0.8 ± 0.1 mm with rectangular ventilation openings.

An edged conical tray of stainless steel for a volume of a liter of ignition fluild

Measurement of smoke Density of Electric Cables under fire conditions
This test is carried out as per B.S. 6853 : 1999

This Apparatus is used for measurement of smoke emitted when electric cables are burnt under defined conditions.

The equipment comprise of a cubic enclosure with inside dimensions of 3000± 30 mm and constructed with suitable material fixed into a steel angle frame.

Transparent sealed windows shall be provided on two opposite sides to permit the transmission of a beam of light from the horizontal  photometric system.

The light source shall be a halogen lamp of 12 volts X 100 w.

A suilable fan will be provided to ensure uniform  distribution of the smoke.

Standard neutral density filters for periodic calibration of equipment (optional)  
Fire retardance test for bunched cables ( Ladder Test )
This test is carried out as per IEC 60332-3 or IS 10810 (Part 62). This standard corers the method for testing  of a bunch of cables mounted vertically to determine their relative ability to resist frame propagation.

This test is conducted in 4 x 2 x 1 meter chamber fitted with burner specified in above standard, 
flow meters and Airflow controls. 

Ladder will be provided as per customers requirement.

Flammability Chamber

Flammability Chamber

Hot Set Test Oven

Hot Set Test Oven

Sweedish Chimney

Sweedish Chimney
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Multi Cell Ageing Oven
Multi Cell Ageing Oven
Fire Survival Test
Fire Survival Test Fire Survival Test
Fire Survival Test  

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